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iPad Air (2013)

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  • Improved Front-Facing Camera
  • Seemingly Impossible Thinness and Weight
  • Does Not Have Fingerprint Scanner (Available on iPhone 5S)
  • Only Minor Functional Improvements on Previous Model
Why We Recommend:

Compared to last year’s iPad model, the iPad Air only really offers better video chatting and faster performance. Aside from those improvements, it essentially functions the same as its predecessor. The iPad is groundbreaking once you factor in its aesthetics and design. Hands down it is the best full size tablet on the market today. Grab an iPad Air if you would like to get the perfect Christmas 2014 shopping find.

A substantial redesign of the iPad has been a long time in coming for Apple. After only eleven months, they released a slimmed version of the original husky iPad in 2011. The design remained almost unchanged for the next two and a half years. During that time, Apple improved the display and installed faster chips. But, it was not until now that the iPad actually felt new and refreshed. With this fifth generation installment, Apple has finally done away with the chunky bezels. A truly magnificent feat of this gadget is that the battery life remains the same as its predecessor, yet it offers significantly improved performance. The only real downside is the price. At $499 MSRP for the 16 GB version, it is perhaps the most expensive tablet on the market, and you would be lucky to find it at that price. As you head to the malls or your computer on Christmas 2014, pick up this hot ticket item…if you can find it.