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Holiday shopping | Editor’s choice

PlayStation 4

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  • Excellent controller
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Impressive graphics
  • Great price
  • Share button
  • PS3 games not compatible
  • Additional fee for multiplay with PS Plus
Why We Recommend:

For the gamer on your holiday shopping list, we highly recommend the Playstation 4. With 8GB of RAM, it is fast, delivering a one of the smoothest gaming experiences available. The unit is compact and light, easy to fit into a small space. It is an exceptionally quiet unit, even when downloading. Most gamers enjoy playing against friends and Playstation 4 makes it easier than ever. It has a share button and lets you watch game play live from your friends. Gamers can actually give each other feedback during play, even having another person take virtual control of a game in order to help you out of a tight corner. You can also stream your game to the public using Ustream.

Dedicated gamers with a library of games will be happy to know that with Playstation 4, they actually how the games and are able to sell or lend them without restriction. So when doing your shopping this Christmas 2014 season, consider buying a popular game to add to your favorite player’s Christmas stocking. Gamers, whether new or experienced, are thrilled with the DualShock controller on the Playstation 4, with its gyroscopic motion sensor and three-axis motion and accelerometer. It is accurate and responsive, important features in the midst of an adventure-packed game. It has larger handles than version 3, with bigger buttons, making it easier to use. The speaker is built-in, adding immediacy to the game in play. The camera system, called the Playstation 4 Eye, can put the player’s photo in the background. The Dynamic Menu, the official name for its interface, provides up-to-date information about what you’ve installed and played, as well as news about just released games.  All things considered, PlayStation 4 is a logical purchase for Christmas 2014 shopping.